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tonight on looip "nightline." kitchen confidential. are you wasting hundreds of
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dollars a mont on food? our cameras go in one family's kitchen to reveal mistakes costing serious money. unmasked crusader. he's fighting to keep the border safe from mexico's biggest pro wrestlers. see the unapologetic wrestler bringing it into the ring. the hunt for osama bin laden that parted a senate investigation. the film screen writer opens up about the zero dark controversy. >> keep it right here
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from new york city, this is "nightline" with terry moran. >> thanks for joining us
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tonight. the numbers are shocking. each year americans throw away enough food to fill 730 football stadiums. to bring that closer to home, maybe, the average american family throws out $190 worth of food every month. and part of all that waste might be due to surprising mistakes you might not realize you're making. for our series "easy money". >> reporter: met rebecca dickinson, a stay at home mom feeding a family of four in new jersey. she makes breast breakfast, packs school lunches and cooks dinner four times a week for her two kids and husband jeff who is a financial planner. add it up enit is a significant bill with a challenge. what is your weekly food bill? >> close to 300. >> all in? giving or take.
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>> reporter: 1200 to $1500 a month. >> yeah. >> reporter: but how much goes to waste? the average u.s. household tosses out 25% of food purchased. that's over 720 pounds of food per family per year. we throw out enough food a year to fill 730 football stadiums. we decided to follow the dickinsons for an entire week, setting up cameras in the refrigerator, the pantry and weighing their trash to see what they bought this the grocery store, what they made for meals and what they threw away. >> don't feel bad. this is on par with the rest of america. but you threw out 13 pounds of food in a week. >> holy cow. all right. >> that's ridiculous. >> reporter: you're a finance guy. you know what that means. >> money. >> reporter: about 25% of their food budget, $350 a month goes in the trash.
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>> that's a huge number. it's not good for the environment. it's not good for financially. >> reporter: so we brought in our food industry insider marcus samuelson the owner of red reaster restaurant. if you ran your kitchen the way americans run their kich man would happen to your business? >> we would be close. >> reporter: we decided to pay a visit for kitchen tips. we watched what was caught on tape, leftovers to uneaten deli meat and lettuce looking wilted. >> here is a challenge, throwing out produce. >> when we think it is not fresh there is a couple more days. >> the use by date and the sell buy bi-is different than the expiration. the first tip, learn the lynn doe, sell by, use by or best by
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does not mean toss by. often you can eat it several days to a week after. use by is the time item will be top quality but you can use it many days after that if stored properly. we pulled up ready to meet the dickinsons and headed to the refrigerator to see what rebecca was about to throw out. >> i have food that i made last week. >> reporter: the squash soup from a week ago about to be tossed. that fish dinner prepared a few days ago also ability to be trashed. >> how did it get here? >> i overestimated. >> that's common, right? >> reporter: which leads to our next tip, plan your portions. take a moment to visualize what a serving is and plan
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appropriately. a single serving of protein is three ounces is the size of a deck of cards and a single serving of grains is half a cup, a bowl of soup, 12 ounces. if you have leftovers, get creative. >> the way you sell a menu in a restaurant you have to sell to your families as well. you say we're having leftovers tonight not so popular. >> reporter: when it comes to scoring, coldness counts. >> keeping the refrigerator as cold as possible is the key. you can get a day or two out of everything. >> reporter: frij frijs should be set at 40 degrees or colder and the freezer at zero degrees. experts say most refrigerators are too warm. zone your refrigerator. >> where do you put what? >> anything that is liquid, put it as further down in the refrigerator as possible.
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>> reporter: the bottom is the coldest zone where dairy, eggs and liquids should be kept. the top and the doors are warmer where things that don't need to be as cold can be housed. what about the 13 pounds of food they threw out in a week? by cutting waste they can save 4,000 dollars a year. this is amy robach in new jersey. >> that's world series lettuce as they used to say. thanks to amy for that. next up, the border patrolling wrestling star bringing his illegal immigration smack down inside the ring. >> abc news "nightline" brought to you by ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ke some"" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪make just one heart to heart you - you sing to♪ ♪one smile that cheers you
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he's buff. he's mean and bringing his in your face battle against illegal immigration inside wrestling ring. the supervillain you're about to meet known as r.j. brewer is upping the anteseizing on the white hot issue of undocumented immigrants to rile up almost entirely hispanic crowds. but is it all an act? angie davis brings us a ring-side seat. >> from phoenix, arizona, r.j. brewer. >> reporter: r.j. brewer is el
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mero malo. he is a loud-mouthed anti-immigration crusader in this mexican themed u.s. wrestling tour. >> it's legal very illegal. >> reporter: he is a metaphor call punching bag for american latinos frustrated and outraged over immigration policy. >> r.j. brewer is taking punishment here. >> reporter: one of the most popular specht cats in mexico, they are known for their masks and acrobatics. the stars are typically unknown but not brewer. >> this is not a character for me. it's pro wrestling but my message is real. this is how i feel. it's my job as an american citizen to protect my country against enemies foreign and domestic. >> reporter: his agenda and stage name resembles another.
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jan brewer is the man he pretends is his mother. >> she is the only one who has the guts to say secure the border. >> portraying himself as the son of jan brewer was a stroke of genius. it took the character from a character people have seen a million of times so to a character with more depth a it. >> r.j. brewer. >> reporter: this kind of political spectacle in the ring is nothing new. the wwf's iron sheik played off american fears of communism and islam in their bouts with army hero sergeant slaughter. >> when i say r.j. brewer and there are three masked wrestlers jumping over the other other side i'm not bothered by it. >> the fences are unsecured and
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that's why i'm here. the general belief in wrestling is try anything and it's only gone too far if fans stop going to the shows. >> reporter: the fans haven't stopped. ticket sales were up 30% last year. while i certainly lack the brawn and agility to wrestle with brewer like this. he agreed to square up with me outside the ring to weigh in on the border battle royale. to say you're anti-immigration is an understatement? >> yeah, i'm anti-illegal immigration if you don't have documentation you shouldn't be here. it's a simple statement i'm trying to spread. and i've been deemed a bigot because of it. >> reporter: perhaps his answer
12:52 am
could be more convincing. >> maybe you didn't get sleep. >> reporter: brewer insists he is not a bigot but wants people to follow senate bill 1070, the immigration law in arizona. governor jan brewer's brain child. he's so passionate about sb 1070 it's often on his tights. >> sb 1070 just because a police officer is suspicious they can stop you and say show me your paperwork. you think that is right? >> i do. >> it's not racial profiling? >> i don't think so. the constitution says we the people but we the people of the united states not of mexico. >> reporter: his real nail name is john stagikas, a 33-year-old who made the leap from real estate to wrestling. and though he is from boston, he is a one-man campaign with a platform based solely on
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building fences, not bridges. during lunch out of all places a mexican restaurant we're surrounded by the masks of his biggest competitors, including his arch rival blue demon jr. >> you know, a couple times i beat him. i was close to taking his mask. i pinned him a couple times but the decision was reversed and he is still wearing the mask. >> reporter: unmasking the wrestler in the ring is the final act of victory. it has special meaning for brewer. >> the mask symbolizes evil. in the united states if someone puts on a mask it's for halloween or to commit a crime. this mask represents an advantage to them and maybe they are hiding for a reason. maybe they are wanted for a criminal charge. i don't know who they are. >> you associate the mask with being a criminal? >> i do. >> i'm trying to decipher if this is really you or a ploy to
12:54 am
sell tickets. >> pro wrestling is theater. we turn up our views for the camera. everything i say i mean and everything i say comes from here. >> but it's hard to tell what is real and what's not. for "nightline" i'm lindsay davis in new york. governor jan brewer has declined to comment on r.j. brewer in the past and she declined to return calls tonight. and the screen writer behind "zero dark thirty" talks about the controversy over the search for osama bin laden. we believe in making thoughtful choices crafting recipes without corn or wheat. for the type of nutrition you want for your pet and we believe
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one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year, "zero dark thirty" has been
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nominated for almost every award but the big screen version of the hunt for osama bin laden has attracted less welcome attention. here's abc's martha raditz with more. >> reporter: "zero dark thirty" has won a slew of awards. but this block buster movie that depicts the greatest manhunt in history -- has gained a very different kind of notoriety as well. from the demonstrations at openings to a senate investigation, "zero dark thirty" created a lot of controversy. mark boal wrote and produced "zero dark thirty" what has some
1:01 am
so angry? the film's depex that water boarding and other interrogation helped lead to bin laden. john mccain went on cnn. >> you believe when watching this movie that waterboarding and torture leads to information that leads, then, to the elimination of osama bin laden. that's not the case. >> reporter: in december, a group of powerful senators including the chair of the intelligence committee, dianne feinstein wrote the cia requesting documents asking for related information to the cia's cooperation with the movie director. >> i took notes and you compile the research and dramatize it. >> reporter: they told me the same last fall before the film's release and before the senate
1:02 am
probe. >> you decided certainly to start in the early years with torture. was that important for you to put in there? >> i think for both of us is to be accurate and it's not an easy subject but it's part of this ten-year long hunt. >> reporter: no movie has been the subject of such congressional scrutiny since the '40s. >> we're standing in the shadow of capitol hill right now. and you have dianne feinstein launching this investigation first to see how you got your information. >> i think she crosses a line when you start investigating the origins of the motion picture. i think it can chill writers and studios who might be interested in releasing the material. >> is he there yes or no? >> reporter: but there is a
1:03 am
central figure who seems unfazed by the film, the man who was the director of the cia when the bin laden raid occurred and is now defense secretary, leon panetta. >> have you seen "zero dark thirty". >> i have. >> reporter: he doesn't seem to have any problem with the plot line. >> was it factual in ways? >> i think they did a good job indicating how some of this was pieced together. >> in terms of the enhanced interrogation, that has created a lot of controversy. did you think that was an accurate portrayal in that movie? >> i was not a part of those decisions and never did see or witness anything like that. i can't tell you whether it was accurate or not. obviously it was something that was used. as i have indicated in the past i know there was bits of information that came from that. >> reporter: whatever the
1:04 am
outcome of the investigation, the directors will be pushing ahead. >> more collaboration in the future? >> we're talking about something. >> a third project. based on something real. that's important to you right? >> i think there is a role for movies to address topical issues and the controversy in some ways illustrates that. >> reporter: a collaboration that has been rewarding for the film makers and judging from the box office success, movie goers as well. for "nightline" i'm martha raditz in washington. >> thanks for that. but right now we're going to do our closing argument. a bipartisanship group of senator proposed immigration reform including border security and a path to citizenship. we wanted to ask you, do you think there should be amnesty, a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in the
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